Our Philosophy

We all know how important it is to take time for ourselves to nurture and recharge.  This message resonates loud and clear but is constantly pushed aside because of the lack of time, the needs of others and our desire to stay focused on the goal.

The world is forever changing and we, at Healing Zone™ Aesthetics, want to help provide you and your clients with a great opportunity to reassess the options now available for a better and healthier life.  As a professional in the fields of aesthetics, wellness and integrated medicine I have seen the increase in conditions resulting from lifestyle imbalances and the impact they have on our appearance and quality of life.  We have also witnessed the onset of wonderful and effective ways to combat these imbalances, quickly and effectively.

Our mission is to make these pathways available to you and to increase your knowledge of the possibilities that now exist.  We also support the philosophy that it is not just about an individual’s process of getting well but how once well, they can share this knowledge with others.  In our position as advisers we can begin a process of re-education regarding the beauty through health approach to help facilitate a total body wellness experience.

Our advanced holistic equipment and comprehensive programs are designed to treat to a wide range of aesthetic needs and conditions.  These integrated systems will help you offer the best and most progressive non-invasive therapies available.  Unified with the goal of helping you deliver beauty, health and vitality we will work in a cohesive way to assist you in offering a true holistic approach.  Your repeat appointments will increase and your revenue will grow as a result of the outstanding results these treatments provide.

Please contact us at your convenience so we can share with you the world of Healing Zone™ Aesthetics.


Isabel Dassinger & The Healing Zone™ Staff