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AQ Skin Solutions… The New Fountain of Youth

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

When I turned 50 I was resigned to age gracefully, ... to look my best, to maintain my grace but, not to go kicking and screaming looking backwards to what was. On the other hand, I felt... wow, I finally get to age of peace and wisdom so why do the signs of age have to set in. Why can't I have it all?? Then, as the years passed, I realized so much of it was in the attitude... age is a state of mind as much as body or, so I kept telling myself. I became content with the process of being grateful for each day of health, smiling and feeling...

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What’s New with Collajam

Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Wow… finally a product that produces substantial … sustainable natural looking collagen.   Comments from our clients have been very positive with people reporting a more youthful appearance, skin tightening, softer more illuminated skin. The amazing thing about Collajam is that the collagen shelf keeps improving and uplifting the skin. Six, seven weeks after treatment the results are still developing. Knowing at 3 – 4 months I can do another series makes me realize we have a new standard in skincare. When used to support treatment...

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Sustainable Skin Care… Collajam to the Rescue

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

I have been thinking a lot about the word sustainable lately. It is used everywhere and seems so important for products, programs and lifestyles. Probably because things move so fast, trends come and go and there is a need to hold on to what is valued.   I wonder in regards to skin care how we can apply the concept of “sustainability”. Many treatments now-a -days are quick, and they deliver very impressive fixes. We can mold, inject and refine the skin to a beautiful tight and toned complexion but how can we make it last and, can we wear...

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Oxygen & Algae in Skin Care…Power for the Cells

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Oxygen & Algae in Skin Care…Power for the Cells

I just got back from the IECS show here in New York and was once again amazed with the number of new products being introduced. However, there are some skin care products that I have always loved and believed in because of their ability to provide strong cellular health and complement any other service. Liquid Oxygen and Algae are two of these and I was happy to see their popularity continuing. Liquid Oxygen has been part of my skin care routine now for over 15 years and algae for the past 25 years. I was first introduced to algae by my...

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Isabel’s Message

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Isabel’s Message

Healing Zone Aesthetics is a company dedicated to therapies that restore beauty, energy and health.  We understand the intricate balance between how we think, how we feel and how we look and work to create programs and systems that encompass all these aspects of “beauty through health” and the importance of internal health to deliver external beauty. We offer a diverse selection of equipment and products that can be used to optimize opportunities to provide your clients and patients with endless possibilities for total body health Many of our...

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