About Us

Established in 1998 as Slimtone USA we have consistently offered advanced non-invasive systems to provide cellular regeneration, rebalance skin physiology, correct skin conditions and promote treatments that offer “repetitive business” bookings to our clients.  Originally just focused on Diamond technology, we have expanded to include other innovative systems from diverse manufacturers whom we have identified as offering the “beauty through health” approach.

Precision Microdermabrasion systems that offer all choices of media exfoliation including:  traditional white crystals, organic grains, the NEW FLOWER GRAINS and “crystal free” variable strength heads.  Micro-current systems including the field leaders, MediLift and Duo Lift:  Oxygen Infusion systems, LED for photo rejuvenation and the NEW breakthrough beauty wellness system:  SmoothSculpt.

Training, business and treatment support, effective and transforming products and the continued discovery of, and creation of, beauty and energy systems remain the mission of our business.