What’s New with Collajam

Wow… finally a product that produces substantial … sustainable natural looking collagen.


Comments from our clients have been very positive with people reporting a more youthful appearance, skin tightening, softer more illuminated skin. The amazing thing about Collajam is that the collagen shelf keeps improving and uplifting the skin. Six, seven weeks after treatment the results are still developing. Knowing at 3 – 4 months I can do another series makes me realize we have a new standard in skincare.
When used to support treatment programs that use aesthetic technologies such microdermabrasion, micro-current, SmoothSculpt, Collajam adds that extra cellular stimulation to increase the desired collagen building results. Quick, easy, non-invasive and with great profits everyone should give it a try.
Here is some updated information for optimum treatment results:
1.  When treating the neck:
Apply to the neck first massaging in for about a minute… then leave product on skin during the rest of the face treatment. In this way the particles will further adhere to the skin without over exfoliating the sensitive skin of the neck. Massage in for another minute at treatment end.
2. When removing product:

Remember to leave as much of a film as possible. The spine particles will continue to work from the surface stimulating the fibroblast activity that builds the collagen. Continuing this above surface action for 24 to 36 hours insures optimal amount of collagen restoration. Cool water rinse during the first day is fine but pat dry.. trying not to disturb the particles. Although you can’t see them they are working and eventually wear off. Any remaining Collajam will come off with the first gentle cleanser wash.
3. The immediate result:
First result from the Collajam is the “re-organization” of the collagen that already exists in the skin. It is softened thereby creating a more even, fuller appearance to the face. The new collagen stimulated by the treatment appears in four to eight weeks after the first treatment.
Although one treatment is good for best results the two treatment protocol (ten days between treatments) is best. Of course on younger skins one treatment is fine.
We have begun to see the results on acne and they continue to impress.
Please contact us anytime with questions and speak with either Isabel, or Karen