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Pure Flower Grains $$159.99

Pure Flower Grains

Pure Flower Grains

Professional Product


Welcome to the Flower Peel Experience. We now offer three exquisite Flower Grain Formulas for you to introduce to your clients:
Rose, Lavender, and Tea Tree. Made totally from nature, (pulverized plants) they treat new skin while exfoliating away
the old. Flower Grains are environmentally friendly, contain micronutrients and work to maintain the pH balance of skin.

Pure Flower Grains


Soothing Lavender One of the most versatile flowers with many soothing benefits. Beneficial for all skin types. Will help calm, soothe and hydrate stressed skin. Rejuvenating Rose One of the world’s most beautiful flowers, with many benefits for the mind as well as the body. Has always been associated with femininity and romance. Known to balance and tone skin while improving the appearance of...