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Skin’rgy Oxygen Infusions $$40.00 — $86.00

Skin’rgy Oxygen Infusions

Oxygen Infusion

Professional Product

$40.00 — $86.00

Oxygen is the necessary vital element for life and for the health, beauty and luminosity of the skin. By the age of 30 skin has already lost over 25% of its original oxygen and by the age of 40 the skin’s ability to consume and retain oxygen has been reduced. Since skin is at the end of the blood circulation and thereby the body’s internal delivery of oxygen the skin is naturally depleted and vulnerable. It remains overexposed to many environmental pollutants and toxins that its ability to revive is compromised.
The importance of infusing liquid oxygen into the skin to combat signs of aging and increase necessary protection for the skin is one of the most important developments in skin care. This effort to improve blood circulation and oxygenation in adult skin and stimulate the cellular system, increase skin vitality and mineralizing skin.

Available in 1oz. or 2 oz. bottles

Skin’rgy Oxygen Infusions

$40.00 — $86.00$