Sustainable Skin Care… Collajam to the Rescue

I have been thinking a lot about the word sustainable lately. It is used everywhere and seems so important for products, programs and lifestyles. Probably because things move so fast, trends come and go and there is a need to hold on to what is valued.
I wonder in regards to skin care how we can apply the concept of “sustainability”. Many treatments now-a -days are quick, and they deliver very impressive fixes. We can mold, inject and refine the skin to a beautiful tight and toned complexion but how can we make it last and, can we wear it out.
I have always been a bit old fashion so I am always looking for ways to get the greatest natural response from skin so we can “sustain” its’ natural ability to respond. To build and fortify what is there for longevity and strength for a fresher complexion that looks relaxed and youthful.
That is why I am so excited about Collajam Skin Therapy. It’s a new skin treatment that works with many basic and “organic” responses from the body to deliver a superior Collagen response. As skin ages the Collagen flattens out and the elastin wears out. The result is sagging, loose skin that contributes to the look of “aging”. When we trigger the bodies’ ability to respond and activate the “youthing mechanisms” in the skin that have slowed with age we can promote the overall health and energy of the skin . We can support, restore, and preserve skin longevity.
I think this would be sustainable because rather then creating trauma and a response that is more a reaction to an injury, or doing something that causes no response such as the fillers, Collajrm stimulates a deep natural response that turns on the body ability to produce its own collagen. The face looks plump and toned with a luminosity that comes from a natural inner glow. We have all seen this glow when we see one of our senior citizens whose skin is “relaxed” in its beauty. It still looks healthy… non stressed by life.. or over processed in the pursuit of youth.
Perhaps in the long run skin health can be sustained when it produces its own collagen as the base filler. And, now with Collajam we can help meet that need… and, maybe it will never look as perfect as a face with no lines or creases but, it will look amazing in its own natural beauty. .. at least that is what I’m hoping.
For more information on Collajam watch this quick video.