If you are experiencing difficulties with your equipment, please refer to Product Maintenance tab for the machine which is problematic.  You will find troubleshooting tips and solutions for most common equipment problems.  If the machine in question, does not have troubleshooting information or you continue to experience issues, please contact us for additional support... click here

  • Repairs are done at a labor rate of 75.00 per hour + parts + shipping
  • Maintenance: tune ups for 250.00 complete + shipping
  • Estimates: free + shipping

For optimal performance of you microdermabrasion unit we recommend replacing  filters and screws regularly every 25-30 treatments.  If you need replacement  filters, screws, tips or o-rings please visit our catalog or supplies page.  For optimal performance of your Oxy units please clean your Oxy handpiece after every use to prevent clogging.