Skin’rgy O2 Infusion System

Skin’rgy O2 Infusion System

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The Skin’rgy O2 Infusion system uses an airbrush delivered powerful jet stream to super saturate the skin using forced pressure to deliver essential nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. There they are assimilated by the cells to correct ongoing skin conditions, enhance the metabolic health of skin cells and create beautiful looking skin.

The liquid oxygen formulas contain no hydrogen peroxide or chlorine and they are not gaseous oxygen so there are no drying, dehydrating effects to the skin. There are no free radicals produced or chemicals added that can take away from the full spectrum delivery of minerals and nutrients.

Complete with Skin’rgy 1oz O2 Infusion Formulas:
Hydrate & Soften, Build & Tone, Lighten & Brighten, Clear & Soothe
14″ x 8″ x 11″
Machine Weight:
approx 18 lbs