Nue Wave LED Light Therapy System

Nue Wave LED Light Therapy System

Using light to create cellular activity for quality, healthy skin results… Give your clients healthier skin using high quality Light Therapy machines and esthetician equipment from a trusted brand name.


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Facts: NASA’s research indicates LEDs’ have the similar physiological effect on human cells as they do on plant cells. The LED Light Therapy stimulates ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) thereby speeding up cell metabolism which is essential with wound healing. There is NO thermal effect to the skin’s surface. May be used with all skin types, colors, and conditions.

Supplies included with Nue Wave LED Light Therapy Equipment:

  • (50 qty) LED Light Therapy Brochures
  • (1) Brochure Holder
  • (1) LED Light Therapy Manual
  • (1) LSS Brochure
LED size::
XL plate 9.5″ x 16″
45″ x 27″ x 23“
218 Curved Head, 22 Hand Held Hand Piece, 1 Infra Red Pen