L.E.D. Light Portable

L.E.D. Light Portable

This product qualifies for Paypal financing. This compact, easy to use, portable LED Light Therapy equipment gives you the ability to use a variation of intensities for all skin types, colors, and conditions.


NASA recommended wavelengths of 680, 730, and 880 nanometers to stimulate a response of cellular activity; accelerating healing and skin rejuvenation with Red LED Light Therapy.

Additional LED Light Therapy Hand Pieces sold separately:

  • Red Light Therapy handpiece: Repair – revives dull + damaged skin. (Medium or Large)
  • Blue Light Therapy hand piece: Recover – oily and acne prone skins. (Large)
  • Green LED Light wand: Restore – pigment irregularities (Medium)
  • Yellow LED Light: Rejuvenates – reduces inflammation (Medium)