AQ Skin Solutions… The New Fountain of Youth

When I turned 50 I was resigned to age gracefully, ... to look my best, to maintain my grace but, not to go kicking and screaming looking backwards to what was. On the other hand, I felt... wow, I finally get to age of peace and wisdom so why do the signs of age have to set in. Why can't I have it all??

Then, as the years passed, I realized so much of it was in the attitude... age is a state of mind as much as body or, so I kept telling myself. I became content with the process of being grateful for each day of health, smiling and feeling good as the compliments still came, and finding joy in the good things of life.

Almost as a reward to working through acceptance I was introduced to Growth Factors, AQ Skin Solutions to be exact. Before I fully understood the scientific principal I dove right in. As I read through the material, "returning skin to a youthful state, erasing lines and wrinkles, tightening and toning the skin, correcting skin pigmentation, growing eyelashes and eyebrows, thickening and lengthening hair and even restoring vaginal balance" I thought 'fountain of youth' I found it. Could it really exist???

Almost one year later I have been restored. How exciting, finding a safe and natural alternative that works better than anything else. The scientific discovery of Growth Factors and their use to actually correct aging and imbalances in the cells has begun to revolutionize aging. Already #1 in the world markets of Asia and Europe AQ Skin Solutions has now firmly established itself among Hollywood celebrities, men and women both, and is now healing East to New York.

I not only get the opportunity to transform myself but have added AQ to Healing Zone Aesthetics' already progressive line of skin and body care equipment and products. This now becomes the crowing glory of my aesthetic career and the perfect extension of the mind body philosophy I have worked so hard to promote.

I invite all readers to explore on your own and discover how you can make this new world of Growth Factors part of your everyday.. no matter what age. In truth... why age all all. Let's see what power they possess.