Isabel’s Message

Healing Zone Aesthetics is a company dedicated to therapies that restore beauty, energy and health.  We understand the intricate balance between how we think, how we feel and how we look and work to create programs and systems that encompass all these aspects of “beauty through health” and the importance of internal health to deliver external beauty.

We offer a diverse selection of equipment and products that can be used to optimize opportunities to provide your clients and patients with endless possibilities for total body health

Many of our therapies and approaches use breakthrough non-invasive technology to

  •  fortify and clarify energy
  •  rejuvenate at the cellular level ,
  •  re-contour and refine the face and body  and
  •  encourage new ways of thinking.

Rather then “anti-aging” we look to discover approaches to “healthy aging”  so we can be the best we can be.  Our goal is to access and improve vitality and strengthen from the core all the way out to the skin... because we all know it is all connected.  This “whole” istic approach focuses on the intrinsic synergy between the mind, body and spirit.

After many years of experience we have observed the increasingly difficult obstacles that people need to overcome in order to achieve fitness and have an aesthetic appearance inline with their own persona l expectations.  Stress, environmental pollutants, food additive and the demand for a vital, young appearance, coupled with a less active lifestyle all detract from our natural abilities to be strong and health.

Healing Zone Aesthetics is a facilitator and we have found many of our “bio-energetic” therapies have opened up a vast treasure trove of research that have inspired us and let us know there is a simpler way.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you.  We look forward to sharing what we have learned so you too can become that conduit for knowledge of a new and better way.