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Make your body beach beautiful from the inside out

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Newark Holistic Health Examiner

Isabel Dassinger, owner of Diamond Aesthetic Systems was in the spa industry long before the concept of a day spa. She trained under skin guru Miki Giunta where she learned the therapeutic applications of plants, essential oils, and aromatherapy. After owning one of the first companies to offer microdermabrasion equipment to the salon world, she turned her passion for beauty into a day spa focused on aesthetics and health.

In 2002 she opened The Healing Zone Spa, located in Montclair, N.J. where she offers various treatments that tie together the body/mind concept for total wellness. She believes that keeping healthy inside influences how we look on the outside. Her programs focus on the concept of beauty though health.

While working alongside a medical doctor, she found the root cause of most chronic illnesses to be caused by impeded biorhythms. When intercellular communication is disrupted the body gets confused and the immune system is continually stimulated. Ms. Dassinger can look at a person’s face and get a good idea of what imbalances are occurring in the body.

She offers many treatments geared at helping clients detoxify their bodies. She also provides education on how to stay healthy. The popular summer treatments are cellulite reduction, lifting of the buttocks, and reduction of underarm flab. All treatments are non surgical and non-invasive. Aside from offering treatments at her spa, she also sells the equipment for the above treatments and more through Diamond Aesthetics Systems. She distributes to both large medi-spas and sole practitioners. She believes everyone should feel beautiful, and how you feel is how you look.

Isabel Dassinger, owner of The Healing Zone

Her top 5 tips for looking good are:

• Remember to breathe all the way down to the navel
• Take antioxidants, either in food or supplements
• Wash your face and rinse well every night
• Walk everyday
• Believe in yourself and feel gratitude

If you want an extra boost of health and self confidence, be sure to visit The Healing Zone before your next trip to the beach.