AQ Skin Solutions… The New Fountain of Youth

When I turned 50 I was resigned to age gracefully, ... to look my best, to maintain my grace but, not to go kicking and screaming looking backwards to what was. On the other hand, I felt... wow, I finally get to age of peace and wisdom so why do the signs of age have to set in. Why can't I have it all??

Then, as the years passed, I realized so much of it was in the attitude... age is a state of mind as much as body or, so I kept telling myself. I became content with the process of being grateful for each day of health, smiling and feeling good as the compliments still came, and finding joy in the good things of life.

Almost as a reward to working through acceptance I was introduced to Growth Factors, AQ Skin Solutions to be exact. Before I fully understood the scientific principal I dove right in. As I read through the material, "returning skin to a youthful state, erasing lines and wrinkles, tightening and toning the skin, correcting skin pigmentation, growing eyelashes and eyebrows, thickening and lengthening hair and even restoring vaginal balance" I thought 'fountain of youth' I found it. Could it really exist???

Almost one year later I have been restored. How exciting, finding a safe and natural alternative that works better than anything else. The scientific discovery of Growth Factors and their use to actually correct aging and imbalances in the cells has begun to revolutionize aging. Already #1 in the world markets of Asia and Europe AQ Skin Solutions has now firmly established itself among Hollywood celebrities, men and women both, and is now healing East to New York.

I not only get the opportunity to transform myself but have added AQ to Healing Zone Aesthetics' already progressive line of skin and body care equipment and products. This now becomes the crowing glory of my aesthetic career and the perfect extension of the mind body philosophy I have worked so hard to promote.

I invite all readers to explore on your own and discover how you can make this new world of Growth Factors part of your everyday.. no matter what age. In truth... why age all all. Let's see what power they possess.

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What’s New with Collajam

Wow… finally a product that produces substantial … sustainable natural looking collagen.


Comments from our clients have been very positive with people reporting a more youthful appearance, skin tightening, softer more illuminated skin. The amazing thing about Collajam is that the collagen shelf keeps improving and uplifting the skin. Six, seven weeks after treatment the results are still developing. Knowing at 3 – 4 months I can do another series makes me realize we have a new standard in skincare.
When used to support treatment programs that use aesthetic technologies such microdermabrasion, micro-current, SmoothSculpt, Collajam adds that extra cellular stimulation to increase the desired collagen building results. Quick, easy, non-invasive and with great profits everyone should give it a try.
Here is some updated information for optimum treatment results:
1.  When treating the neck:
Apply to the neck first massaging in for about a minute… then leave product on skin during the rest of the face treatment. In this way the particles will further adhere to the skin without over exfoliating the sensitive skin of the neck. Massage in for another minute at treatment end.
2. When removing product:

Remember to leave as much of a film as possible. The spine particles will continue to work from the surface stimulating the fibroblast activity that builds the collagen. Continuing this above surface action for 24 to 36 hours insures optimal amount of collagen restoration. Cool water rinse during the first day is fine but pat dry.. trying not to disturb the particles. Although you can’t see them they are working and eventually wear off. Any remaining Collajam will come off with the first gentle cleanser wash.
3. The immediate result:
First result from the Collajam is the “re-organization” of the collagen that already exists in the skin. It is softened thereby creating a more even, fuller appearance to the face. The new collagen stimulated by the treatment appears in four to eight weeks after the first treatment.
Although one treatment is good for best results the two treatment protocol (ten days between treatments) is best. Of course on younger skins one treatment is fine.
We have begun to see the results on acne and they continue to impress.
Please contact us anytime with questions and speak with either Isabel, or Karen

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Sustainable Skin Care… Collajam to the Rescue

I have been thinking a lot about the word sustainable lately. It is used everywhere and seems so important for products, programs and lifestyles. Probably because things move so fast, trends come and go and there is a need to hold on to what is valued.
I wonder in regards to skin care how we can apply the concept of “sustainability”. Many treatments now-a -days are quick, and they deliver very impressive fixes. We can mold, inject and refine the skin to a beautiful tight and toned complexion but how can we make it last and, can we wear it out.
I have always been a bit old fashion so I am always looking for ways to get the greatest natural response from skin so we can “sustain” its’ natural ability to respond. To build and fortify what is there for longevity and strength for a fresher complexion that looks relaxed and youthful.
That is why I am so excited about Collajam Skin Therapy. It’s a new skin treatment that works with many basic and “organic” responses from the body to deliver a superior Collagen response. As skin ages the Collagen flattens out and the elastin wears out. The result is sagging, loose skin that contributes to the look of “aging”. When we trigger the bodies’ ability to respond and activate the “youthing mechanisms” in the skin that have slowed with age we can promote the overall health and energy of the skin . We can support, restore, and preserve skin longevity.
I think this would be sustainable because rather then creating trauma and a response that is more a reaction to an injury, or doing something that causes no response such as the fillers, Collajrm stimulates a deep natural response that turns on the body ability to produce its own collagen. The face looks plump and toned with a luminosity that comes from a natural inner glow. We have all seen this glow when we see one of our senior citizens whose skin is “relaxed” in its beauty. It still looks healthy… non stressed by life.. or over processed in the pursuit of youth.
Perhaps in the long run skin health can be sustained when it produces its own collagen as the base filler. And, now with Collajam we can help meet that need… and, maybe it will never look as perfect as a face with no lines or creases but, it will look amazing in its own natural beauty. .. at least that is what I’m hoping.
For more information on Collajam watch this quick video.


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Oxygen & Algae in Skin Care…Power for the Cells

I just got back from the IECS show here in New York and was once again amazed with the number of new products being introduced. However, there are some skin care products that I have always loved and believed in because of their ability to provide strong cellular health and complement any other service. Liquid Oxygen and Algae are two of these and I was happy to see their popularity continuing.

Liquid Oxygen has been part of my skin care routine now for over 15 years and algae for the past 25 years. I was first introduced to algae by my mentor Miki Giunta, the founder of Avance and Spa Health Consultants. She brought the Day Spa concept to the industry 30 years ago on the premise of beauty through health and the ability of land and sea plants to make tremendous changes in the skin and body.

These powerful natural ingredients bring health, beauty and luminosity to skin. Because these ingredients are so compatible with the human body there is a high assimilation by which they become an incredible vehicle to drive in other active ingredients. In our new formulas we combined them together so that the effectiveness of these ingredients can reach an all time high.

When Oxygen Infusion equipment and Oxygen Infusion treatments first became popular I became a big fan. They offered ideal skin care therapy and quick easy add-on revenues. Sometimes controversial, the cells need for Oxygen is a fact and the revitalizing and balancing effects of oxygen to skin cells is evident from the many years that they have been a key component in skin care.

Studies show the presence of liquid oxygen creates an anti-bacterial environment that works to speed up cellular metabolism thus supporting healthy skin, collagen production and plumping volume to the dermis to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We decided to create O2 formulas for our Skinr’gy label that would combine the driving force of oxygen and the excellent DNA repair properties of the algae. Filled with essential trace mineral including calcium, magnesium and potassium, powerful anti-oxidants such as Resveratrol and Vitamin C, Hexapeptide 11 and new breakthrough Flower Acids these formulas are healthy to the blood, have anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen the connective tissue of the matrix by stimulating collagen and elastin.

Although I can testify as to how great these formulas are when applied directly to skin the wonderful benefits of the straight on jet infusion with the Oxygen Infusion systems is an amazing experience and one that clients love. We needed an efficient system at an affordable price and we found the perfect unit, just for you. Effective, affordable, and powerful, at the same superior quality you have come to expect from Diamond Systems. Check is all out under the Skinr’gy line and Oxygen on the website. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Isabel’s Message

Healing Zone Aesthetics is a company dedicated to therapies that restore beauty, energy and health.  We understand the intricate balance between how we think, how we feel and how we look and work to create programs and systems that encompass all these aspects of “beauty through health” and the importance of internal health to deliver external beauty.

We offer a diverse selection of equipment and products that can be used to optimize opportunities to provide your clients and patients with endless possibilities for total body health

Many of our therapies and approaches use breakthrough non-invasive technology to

  •  fortify and clarify energy
  •  rejuvenate at the cellular level ,
  •  re-contour and refine the face and body  and
  •  encourage new ways of thinking.

Rather then “anti-aging” we look to discover approaches to “healthy aging”  so we can be the best we can be.  Our goal is to access and improve vitality and strengthen from the core all the way out to the skin... because we all know it is all connected.  This “whole” istic approach focuses on the intrinsic synergy between the mind, body and spirit.

After many years of experience we have observed the increasingly difficult obstacles that people need to overcome in order to achieve fitness and have an aesthetic appearance inline with their own persona l expectations.  Stress, environmental pollutants, food additive and the demand for a vital, young appearance, coupled with a less active lifestyle all detract from our natural abilities to be strong and health.

Healing Zone Aesthetics is a facilitator and we have found many of our “bio-energetic” therapies have opened up a vast treasure trove of research that have inspired us and let us know there is a simpler way.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you.  We look forward to sharing what we have learned so you too can become that conduit for knowledge of a new and better way.

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