Anti-Aging & Toning Facial Device

Diamond UltraLift $$3,300.00

Diamond UltraLift

Diamond Ultralift

The UltraLift takes Microcurrent technology to a new level of skin care treatments. It delivers a glowing youthful appearance and is quicker and more effective.


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Diamond UltraLift


Unique Quadrafunctional Microcurrent Waveform technology Brings precision focused energy to skin care. The UltraLift offers traditional Microcurrent with three adjustable settings. Microlifting     Microhydration    Microtoning In addition, the Double Ultrasonic Wave form is a stainless steel spatula that has 28,000 oscillations for deep cleaning, peeling and powerful product penetration. This...

Diamond Facial Cupping $$2,900.00

Diamond Facial Cupping

Diamond Facial Cupping

Diamond Power Facial Cupping System


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Diamond Facial Cupping


Facial Power Cupping treats the area around the skin cell called the extracellular matrix. The extracellular matrix is a filter system made up of connective tissue and lymphatic fluid. It is the filter of all essential nutrients going into the cells, especially through the blood, and the filter for the removal of toxic fluids being released by the cells. The matrix is where stagnation can occur...