3D Skin Repair

3D Skin Repair  - Three Dimensions of Skin Care
Newest Treatment from Healing Zone Aesthetics
Scientific Beauty for Celllular Renewal andRestoring DNA Anti-Aging Protection

Special Offer:

Purchase our 5 pack of Skin'rgy Carboxy Power Face Mask $89

and choose one of our 1oz Skin'rgy O2 Formulas

(reg. $40-$46)  for $20, a discount of 50% or more

Ligthen & Brighten, Build & Tone, Hydrate & Soften, Clean & Soothe.

For a beautiful finish, just add the Collagen Complex Cream  $39.99


When placing an order online, please use the code 3DSKIN


  1. Turn on the Cells - cell remineralizing and detoxing for improved cellular metabolism   
  2. Tighten up the Skin - collagen stimulation and plumping for healthy dermal shelf
  3. Tone up the Color -essential nutrients and minerals for improved healthier blood flow to feed skin cells


Our information/treatment videos  Skin'rgy O2 Infusions and Skin'rgy Carboxy Gel Power Face Mask let you see how 3D Skin Repair makes use of the newest trends in healthy skin care. Using Skin'rgy O2 Infusion as your skin prep followed by the revolutionary Skin'rgy Carboxy Gel Power Face Mask the skins reaches new levels of tone,tightness and radiance. 
Quick & Cost Effective with Immediate Noticeable Results.


If you would like to find out more about our Skin'rgy O2 Infusions and DNA repair, see the interview with our master formulator, or download our list of ingredients & brochure.

When placing an order online, please use the code 3DSKIN

Our suggested charge for the add on of 3D Skin Repair is a minimum of $75

Add on to either basic facial or non invasive therapy such as microdermabrasion or micro-current therapy

offer expires 10/15/2012